Social Sugar is the leading social commerce specialist in Australasia.

Do you need an immediate sales lift from your Facebook ad campaigns?
Are you ready to unleash the incredible power of lead generation in Facebook or Instagram?

Is it time to crack a properly profitable social media strategy?

Social Sugar is a world-class social media marketing agency to help deliver a measurable ROI for your business:

  • Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns
  • Social shopping for e-commerce & Shopify
  • Social media management
  • Social media planning, buying & boosting
  • Building your brand in social
  • Social content creator
  • Social media strategy & insights
  • Social media analytics

The only Facebook Marketing Partner™ accredited social commerce specialist in Australasia.






Make sure your social makes money


Build an end-to-end referral, lead, sales and ROI system

Direct Response

Drive immediate action: enquiries, leads and sales

Media Planning
& Boosting

Make the most of your media dollar


Super-power sales with compelling, selling creative

Social Influencer

Drive word of mouth via social


Save time & hassle with full channel management

Social Insights
& ROI Tracking

Use your data to make social make even more money



If you’re serious about taking social to the next level, we’ll invest time & effort upfront to see if this could be a winning partnership:


Ready to make social pay?
Get a FREE ‘Roadmap to ROI’ report

Tired of just getting likes and followers? Ready for a measurable ROI? A Roadmap to ROI report looks at the specific data your business needs to inform a proper Social Commerce strategy:

  • Quantify your market size in social
  • Understand the size of your Prospect Pool™
  • Use a Social Strategy Matrix™ match social with business objectives
  • Map out investment and sales scenarios
  • Learn how to calculate ROI and set simple social KPI’s

Ready to turn pro?
Get a FREE Campaign Audit

Struggling to get your Facebook or Instagram campaigns to deliver a profitable return on ad spend?

Having trouble scaling campaigns? Need to grow conversion rates? Reduce cost per acquisition?

Get a proper seven-point social Campaign Audit of your ad account - complete with, “ROI-upside” scores and specific suggestions where higher ROAS can be achieved.




5 Stars
“Dunkin’ Donuts was missing out on the huge opportunity we had in social.
Now we have a social media agency partner who has helped us understand exactly how our investment can drive real business outcomes”.

Tony Lee – Owner, Café Concepts Ltd (Dunkin’ Donuts)



The partnership ethos

Over the last 23 years we’ve worked as a social media agency and marketing partner with everyone from start-ups to SME’s, blue chip brands, multi-nationals, political parties and charities.

But our ethos is always the same; if you are an insightful, trust worthy and respectful partner we’ll give you 1000% irrespective of your business size or brand.

We work really hard to build long term, easy, productive partnerships – because they are the only viable path to long term sales success and market domination. Whereas even the most successful campaign… will never outlast a frustrating or difficult partnership.

Compelling, selling creative

Technically-minded media or digital agencies often see social creative as a commodity called, “content” to fill media space. PR or traditional agencies often view it as a chance to, “go viral”.

Social Sugar comes from a unique Brand Response background - a unique social media agency that sees social creative as the single most effective way to amplify your media investment. It must be both compelling and selling; to deliver immediate sales, whilst growing long term brand equity – and your prospects of tomorrow.

An ROI mind-set

Social Sugar is unique in our approach to ROI-based partnerships. If we see a proactive way to grow your sales, you can expect us to work up a strategy or idea (at our cost) and share it with you.

We have also been a pioneer in the industry with IP Partnerships, revenue share and payment-by-results models – especially with our direct response social and e-commerce clients. We’re a social media marketing agency that cares less about the inputs (time, production, media) and far more about the outputs – how we can scale your sales, help you dominate your market – and share in real success; ROI.



Every partnership is unique – and over the last 23 years we’ve learnt to appreciate, value and enjoy incredible partnerships with a diverse array of business owners, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals young and old. But some threads bind the very best, long term partnerships:


We’re not a great match for marketers who just need to, “farm” their category. We’re a much more useful social media agency for marketers who have big ambitions to think different and challenge or upend their category. It demands a much more agile way of working. It’s also more fun and rewarding.


Please be comfortable clearly quantifying your specific objectives for us – and sharing the data on progress. It’s impossible for us to be responsible and mutually accountable for ROI with you unless we all share wins, losses, learnings and sales results on a daily basis.


We work best with clients who respect us as a social media agency partner that brings skills, energy and resource that just can’t be emulated in-house. In return, we respect and draw from the deep experience they have of their category – whilst helping to test and refine fresh thinking in an ever-changing marketplace. The best ROI comes from relationships of respect, trust and genuine partnership.